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This new, 30 minute dvd by Shawn Ehlers, former Ford and Elite model and now one of New York’s top fashion photographers, is the best guide for working in front of a camera ever. It covers fashion moves for women and men, men and women together, as well as, moves for commercial print.

All her directives are clearly illustrated, and so logical, that it makes it very easy for the model to follow.

The wonderful thing about Ms. Ehlers movement technique for the camera is that it energizes the model and makes them come life in a seemingly effortless, natural way. It builds confidence and relaxes them in front of the camera, and gives inexperienced models the tools they need to be a working professional.

Some of the topics covered include: How to prepare and what to expect in a shoot, the importance of energy and personality, posture, connecting with the camera with eye and nose coordination, facial expressions, hand placement, hip and leg movement.

If you are serious about becoming a model, MODEL MOVES will give you the edge you need to become a successful professional.

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