At last a lightweight, inexpensive, high resolution digital portfolio for the 21st Century!
The result of 4 years of development, it will completely change portfolio presentation forever. Just open up the cover and it begins displaying your images and DVDs automatically. Pause, fast forward, and heighten your presentation with music.



Our custom video brochures are available in various LCD screen sizes including 4.3″, 7″ and 10″. Deliver the perfect presentation without requiring your user to have an Internet connection. A great marketing tool for your portfolio!!

Video brochures open simple and play operation, high memory retention value and plain old “WOW” factor is making them more preferable to print-only brochures.

Image and video files can be downloaded from your computer onto this miraculously light, high resolution (800 x 480) viewer.

Agencies: Put all your talent on it, and you have an instant, paperless AGENCY BOOK to send to your clients that can be continually updated. Individual Models: say “Goodbye” to carrying portfolios weighing 3-4 pounds. It weighs only 8 ounces and can fit into a purse and, unlike an iPad, it only contains files meant to be seen, does not have finger smudges on the screen, will not shatter if it drops to the floor can be safely mailed anywhere in the US for under $3.00, and only costs $64.95.

Comes with 2gb of storage (2 hours play time) and supports MP4’s, .MOV and .AVI video files.

For bulk ordering pricing and customized printing on covers call 646-279-0481 or email

 Envy Model

How to Write to your Video Brochure